The secret to beautiful, healthy teeth and smile lies in consistent dental hygiene, regular brushing and the almighty routine dental exam. If you cannot remember the last time you had an annual check-up,you are likely way past due.


Preventative dental services are important, which is why we at Family Plus Dental Centers encourage our patients to undergo routine maintenance dental treatments including cleaning, x-ray, sealants and fluoride treatments. Too many people wait until they have cavities or other problems to undergo a dental exam. With semi-annual dental check ups, cleaning and screenings this can be prevented.


Family Plus Dental Centers provide affordable preventative dental services to our patients, and we make it easy to get started with our individual and family Family Plus Dental Plans.


Regular oral exams and X-rays are critical to be sure your teeth and gums are healthy as the dentist can see many things you can’t. Don’t wait until you have problems to come in for a checkup!