Deep scaling and root planning

Teeth require a great deal of attention, especially if you want to keep yours in the best shape possible.Teeth can end up irreparably damaged without the proper periodontal treatment. When tartar and plaque accumulate on the teeth, bacteria forms, leading to gingivitis and other dental issues. This is
where dental scaling and root planning come in.


Deep scaling and root planning are often the chosen course of treatment for addressing periodontal disease. The periodontal scaling treatment removes bacterial deposits and precipitates improved healing of the gums. Our team of experienced dental specialists identifies any unhealthy condition of your gums. They evaluate the gums and recommend a treatment plan, which may include deep scaling, root planning and continuing periodontal therapy to remove plaque and bacteria from under your gums. The periodontal scaling treatment eradicates the deposits from tooth and root surfaces, and planing smooth the surfaces to allow gums to heal properly around the cleaned teeth.