Endodotic (Root canals)

Are you suffering from infected, fractured or broken down tooth? If so, let Family Plus Dental Centers endodontists perform your next root canal, symptoms of an infected tooth can be down right debilitating including toothache, dislocation of the tooth and swelling and tenderness to name a few. While you are putting off that necessary root canal, pain is getting the best of you.


The purpose of the commonly performed procedure is to remove necrotic nerve, blood vessels and becteria in the pulp of the tooth with the goal of saving the tooth through a root canal. Symptoms, including severe tooth pain when chewing and prolonged sensitivity to heat and cold, affect quality of life. When an individual requires a root canal, pain is often unbearable until the problem is properly addressed.


In most cases, root canals are effective in saving badly infected and severely broken down teeth, although there are those instances where the tooth is not salvageable. Even with such root canals, pain is almost always alleviated and the problem is remedied, even if the tooth can’t be saved. At Family Plus Dental Centers, simple root canals are normally performed by our general dentists. However, more complicated root canals are handled by highly experienced Endodontists right in our own offices for your convenience and comfort.


When it comes to getting a root canal treatment, cost shouldn’t be an issue. Family Plus Dental Centers offer affordable, high-quality services so you won’t spend a fortune on you root canal treatment. If you don’t have dental insurance, ask about our Family Plus Dental Plan for yourself or for your family where you can save on all your dental procedures.