When it comes to removing minor decay and restoring the appearance of teeth, dental fillings are the basic procedure for achieving a beautiful, conservative and cost-effective result. While most dental specialists formerly relied on silver metal teeth fillings for cavities, that’s no longer the case. Although silver fillings proved to be an effective solution for treating decay back in the day, they have become less used over the years, replaced by state-of-the-art, aesthetically pleasing white composite fillings.


Unlike the noticeable silver tooth filling, white tooth fillings are made with a resin material that blends into the tooth so the tooth filling is virtually invisible. In addition to being more attractive, these dental fillings are built to last because the material bonds to the tooth enamel, making it extremely durable. This prevents breaking and insulates the tooth from temperature changes.


As an added benefit, the resin strengthens the teeth and lowers the risk of fractures that occur due to the expansion and contraction properties of silver dental fillings that don’t bond to teeth. Because resin bonds to the tooth, it enables the dentist to save more of the natural tooth structure, leaving more of the healthy part of the tooth intact for a more conservative restoration.


Many patients come to Family Plus Dental Centers to get new composite fillings, as well as to replace metal teeth fillings. For cavities that are older, our dentists can easily replace old silver tooth fillings producing more updated and natural-looking results. The procedure usually requires just one visit to the dentist. Like all treatments performed by Family Plus Dental Centers, our composite teeth fillings for cavities are an affordable solution that won’t break your bank. If you don’t have dental insurance, ask about our family and individual Family Plus Dental Plans.