Flouride Treatment

Fluoride is used to prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resilient against plaque bacteria and sugars. Most people assume a fluoride treatment is for kids. It is imperative the fluoride treatment for kids is done when permanent teeth are coming in as these fluoride dental treatments help strengthen developing teeth.


However, fluoride dental treatments are for adults as well. Regardless of your age, these dental treatments should be at the top of your list for preventative dental maintenance. What many patients fail to realize is that they are never too old to benefit from a fluoride dental treatment. Research shows that fluorides – whether from fluoride treatments, fluoride rinse or toothpastes –are an integral part of warding off tooth decay. An even more compelling reason for fluoride dental treatments in adults is that people with a variety of health issues including gum disease, dry mouth conditions and others are more at risk for tooth decay. Therefore, they need the additional protection that fluoride dental treatments for adults provide.


Our dentists at Gentle Dental can give you an effective fluoride dental treatment to help strengthen the outer layer of your teeth and fight cavities. Fluoride applications after teeth cleanings typically make dental work last longer and can help to prevent tooth decay. Dentists use gel, foam or varnish to apply fluoride to teeth.