Orthodontics / Braces

Orthodontics treatments improve the appearance of crooked or malpositioned teeth and move them into a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing position. Your natural teeth can be pulled down, moved sideways and pushed up to provide a beautiful, aligned and centered smile. Orthodontics not only improve the appearance of the teeth, they correct your bite, maximize the functional performance of teeth for eating and speaking and create a well-aligned smile.


Although orthodontic braces were once designated to pre-teens and teens, they are just as popular among adults these days. That’s because it’s never too late to improve the appearance of your smile. As the demand for teeth-straightening procedures increases, so do the available options for fixing teeth. Patients are no longer limited to traditional metal or clear porcelain orthodontic braces. They also have the choice of Invisalign® braces, a newer teeth-straightening system.


We at Family Plus Dental Centers customize an orthodontic treatment plan just for you. We perform orthodontic braces and Invisalign® braces on patients of all ages. Our orthodontic dentists specialize in braces and straightening teeth and correcting improper bites, using only the best materials and latest techniques. We also provide your cleanings, any extractions and all other related treatment right in the same office.