One of the most popular tooth decay treatments is dental sealants. Dental sealants are preventive dental treatments to stave off cavities and seal crevices in the teeth. They are one of the leading tooth decay treatments utilized by dentist offices, including Family Plus Dental Centers. Getting a sealant for teeth can go a long way in fighting dental problems that may occur later in the child’s development.


Dental sealants are protective, composite “seals” over the crevices of a child or adult’s tooth where decay most often starts. They have proven successful in preventing cavities before they start! These popular tooth decay treatments are performed by most dentists and recommended by the ADA. Because children are always on the go and a little less than conscientious about brushing, and particularly for those who are prone to cavities, we suggest that you consider sealants for them. Even adults can benefit from a tooth sealant.